the singers of the Kupferbergwerk Düppenweiler

The vocal ensemble "Bergsänger des Kupferbergwerks Düppenweiler" exists in the current line-up with nine singers since the year 2013. Already at the first internal "chapel celebration" on December 3, 1999, five of the current singers performed Barbara and miners' songs. Since 2002, the then "Förderverein Kupferbergwerk Düppenweiler" organized a Mettenschicht on the Saturday before the 3rd Advent. From 2009 onwards, the Mettenschicht finally became the festive prelude to the Christmas market, which is held on the Kulturwiese and is now festively outshone by a 12m high mining pyramid.


In 2017, the miners recorded their first CD.  With 18 partly well-known and partly less well-known miners' and barbarians' songs from all German and neighboring mining districts, the singing group wanted to thank the "old fighters" from the early years of the visitor mine as well as all current helpers in our association. The title song of the CD has almost the same lyrics as the "Tarnowitzer Glöcklein" from Upper Silesia, but the melody is the creation of a long-dead miner from Düppenweiler. The miners therefore put their own four-part movement of this song at the beginning of their song round. In this way, they document that Düppenweiler is also part of mining on the Saar, not coal mining, but the older and rarer ore mining in the Saar district.

Now the vocal ensemble has released its second CD in November 2021. Under the title "Heut' erklingt zu Barb'ras Ehren" there are 13 spiritual songs. In the recording studio LEICO in Illingen 7 new songs were recorded. These are especially modern songs like the "Our Father" by Hanne Haller or the Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. On religious occasions these songs are requested again and again. Six barbarian songs from the first CD were recorded again.


Points of sale

The CD is available at the price of 10 € at the following sales points in

  • Hat house at the copper mine
    Gasthaus "Alt Topfstadt", Jahnstrasse
    Nah und Gut, main street
    Bakery Besser, main street

The proceeds will be donated to the Lebenshilfe home for the disabled in Ahrweiler-Sinzig, which was severely damaged during the flood disaster in the summer of 2021.

The ensemble includes:

Tenor 1

Walter Ewen und Hans-Josef Schweitzer

Tenor 2

Erich Dilschneider und Dietmar Woll

Bass 1

Günther Britz, Franz-Josef Muhm und Detlef Woll

Bass 2

Ewald Preuß und Erhard Seger (Chorleiter)

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Latest news