Führung Untertage

guided tours

During the guided tour through the Düppenweiler copper mine, you will not only learn interesting facts about the geology and the formation of copper ore, but also about the working conditions of the miners of past times. Immerse yourself in the darkness of the tunnels and feel the pulse of history as you explore the narrow passages and marvel at the relics of past mining times.



Guided tour underground with the light and sound installation "Mystallica".


tour Surface area

through the entire mine site and the new copper smelter


individual Tour

An individual tour of the Pochwerk is also possible for visitors


special tours

After arrangement

guided tour

Outside opening hours

Guided tours outside the regular opening hours are only possible in groups (min. 15 persons) and after prior registration with the Beckingen municipal administration (TEL. 06835/550).


Note on accessibility

Due to local conditions, the visitor mine is only partially barrier-free. It is not possible for wheelchair users and visitors with a walker to visit the mine underground.


Media terminal in the Pochwerk

Visitors also have access to the copper smelter site outside the regular guided tours and can use the new media terminal to find out for themselves about the fully functioning copper smelter and the further processing of the ore after it has been extracted in an 18th century mine. Three films on the topics "History of the Mine", "The Mine Above Ground" and "The Mine Below Ground" were produced by Video-Theis especially for this purpose.