Performance at the Christian Mountain Mass in Fraulautern

The miners of the Düppenweiler copper mine were invited for the first time by the St. Barbara Fraulautern (Saarlouis) Miners' and Steelworkers' Association to provide the music for the Christian Mountain Mass in the Apollonia Chapel with Christmas mountain songs.

This event was also a premiere for Prime Minister Tobias Hans. He was the prominent mountain preacher on this evening. After all, it is a good custom in the not-so-long tradition of the Christian Bergmette in the Saarlouis district for the incumbent prime minister to deliver the Sermon on the Mount. Speaking to miners in Germany's post-mining era is no easy matter.  After all, quite a few of the many thousands of miners are thinking angrily about the rapid end of mining. After all, they have played a not insignificant role in the economic development of the last two centuries. The prime minister has found the right words here. As a representative of the younger generation, he too would have to regret it if the miners' legacy were to be filled in with the shafts. In the digital age, that can happen quickly. It is therefore all the more important that prudent people keep the miners' culture in their memories. In the Ore Mountains, this has been well achieved after German reunification.At the end of the 90-minute Christmas devotion, the chairman of the Düppenweiler copper mine, Werner Kockler, presented the CD produced last year by the miners' singers with mining members from all German and neighboring coalfields to MP Tobias Hans, the chairman of the Fraulautern Miners' Association, Klaus Hiery, and Pastor Rolf Dahm.