The mountain singers advertise the Düppenweiler copper mine with a tour by carriage

Düppenweiler. There are only a few miners' choirs left in the Saarland. One of them, in addition to the better-known Saar miners' choir, is the vocal ensemble of the Düppenweiler copper mine, the Bergsänger.

The nine singers (together with the choirmaster Erhard Seger) still sing or used to sing in local choirs. They are all long-time choristers in local associations. As mountain singers, their main focus is on the historical miners' songs. As is well known, there are many of these in the German lands. The most popular miners' song is undoubtedly the Steigermarsch, which is even the unofficial national anthem in the Saarland. Of course, the mountain singers know it, too. That's why the singers are also pleased that the Steigermarsch is to become a "German cultural heritage".  

However, the mountain singers also have to break new ground. The official opportunities offered by the miners' associations are becoming fewer and fewer. For the miners, the only remaining opportunities are the Mettenschicht at the copper mine and the one or other internal club event. In the meantime, there are requests from other places as well, but singing only the Steigermarsch can't be very motivating for a good choir in the long run. The two musical tasting events at the Huthaus have become a local hit.  

Wine and beer tastings with relevant songs are to be further developed in the future as insider tip dates. In November of this year, the beer, schnapps and mountain member tasting with local brewer and schnapps distiller is on the program.But for now, the "mountain singer carriage ride" with coachman Conny from Valentinushof is on the agenda. On March 21, the mountain singers and the Kulturstammtisch want to try something new at the opening of this year's visitor season in the copper mine. At the beginning of the tour, the statue of St. Barbara will be brought to the mine chapel in a "ceremonial" escort, and then remain there until the Mettenschicht on December 12. On the way back to the Valentinushof the singers want to make a stop in "Alt Topfstadt" and in the "Dorfkrug" and to make advertisement for the touristic unique selling proposition of the municipality with spontaneous concerts.